The Lincoln House™ brand was established in the 70’s to offer well-designed and reasonably priced home, school and office products to consumers.  Today Lincoln House™ is a wholesaler to the retail, catalog and online marketing trade with product collections for storage, organizing and decorating.  Lincoln House™ products proudly combine the best design, function, quality and value with trendy and fashionable graphic designs and are supplied OEM factory direct.



Lincoln House was established as a gift and stationery catalog in Kansas City, Missouri in the early ’70’s by Tom Cottrell.  A popular “3-tier pricing” scheme encouraged customers to combine their orders together for the best value and the company developed a very successful consumer testing program to screen and pick product for the catalog. The Lincoln House name and logo were trademarked in 1977.

Throughout the late 70’s, the customer base grew and the Lincoln House mailing list grew with it.  The mail order catalog was delivered to residents in all 50 states offering an assortment of gift and candle products purchased from import wholesalers.  It is during this growth period that Lincoln House beginning the tradition of offering a famous artist designed Christmas ornament (known as the Holiday Treasures Collectors Ornaments) and unique calendars each year.

Bright of America acquired Lincoln House in 1983 and initially ran it from Kansas City while integrating the company’s placemats, stationery and candle products and adding its “Bright” creative touch. Finally in 1985, all operations were moved to Bright of America’s headquarters in Summersville, West Virgina where the Lincoln House catalog was published through 1999.

Bright International acquired Bright of America and Lincoln House in 2011 and Lincoln House was reborn as wholesaler and distributor for home, school and office storage, decorating and organizing products.  Our focus is on business to business sales and supplying good design and quality at fair prices and with reliable delivery.